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About Us

At ML STEM Prep, we go beyond being just another online tutoring platform for high school and university students. We are a community of tutors, dedicated to providing personalized sessions and unparalleled support to help students thrive in their academic pursuits. Our mission is to empower premed, engineering, and other STEM students to chase their dreams, particularly when faced with “weed-out” courses like Organic Chemistry and Calculus.

Meet your Tutors and Mentors!

Personalization. Engagement. Consistency. 

Each Tutor went through an intense review process to ensure only the best tutors work at ML STEM Prep. We all believe in the same mission of helping our students succeed and reach their highest potential!

Worried about an upcoming quiz, test or exam? Struggling in Calculus, Physics, Chemistry or Biology? ML STEM Prep can help! We offer top tutors in STEM subjects who can help you work smarter, learn the material and improve your grades. We are very selective with our tutors to ensure you get the best experience possible.

We have tutored students at many universities including the University of Virginia, the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Alabama. We care about our students and offer a more personalized and tailored experience than other online tutors. We have been through the struggles of learning ourselves and realized we could teach these subjects in a way that's fun and engaging.

We hope you choose to work with us! We take the time to understand each student's needs and speed of learning to adapt our teaching style. All tutoring is online but rest assured, our tutors have extensive experience teaching with online tools and a proven track record.

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